Thursday, November 26, 2015

What is enough this holiday season

I've spent a lot of time and energy worrying about having enough.  Did I have enough time to do the things I wanted to do?  Did I have enough money to retire?  Did I have the talent to be the artist I wanted to be?  Was the happiness, success, friends, recognition I had in my life enough?  Did I even know what enough was?

I think some of us spend a lifetime wondering if we're enough.  It can get in the way of living your life….having doubts, questioning whether your choices are smart, are doable, are reasonable.   Will they get you where you want to go?  Is where you want to go the place you should be striving to get to?

Over the years I've worked hard to try to enjoy what was instead of thinking, "It's not enough. It should be better.  It should be more."  I wasn't always successful.  It certainly wasn't easy.  When I let my head get in the way, the doubts could ruin a party, an art event, an evening with friends that were going just fine until I started to think it wasn't enough.  When I let my heart drive, I enjoyed the meal, the jokes, the show reception, even if what I got from it wasn't quite "enough."   In those instances I was in the moment, laughing at a joke, having a conversation with someone that got my intellectual or creative juices flowing, I was savoring the fun I was having.  It was only when I stopped to "think," that I sometimes got in trouble and began to wonder if it was "enough."

This holiday season know that you are "enough."  Know that the people in your life believe you are MORE THAN ENOUGH.  Enjoy the moment, your family, the food.

Know that there are others that truly don't have enough, that would be overjoyed to just have ENOUGH, that would think they were in heaven if they had what you had.  Help take care of them and you will have a much easier time thinking you are enough.

Happy holidays to all my friends and family.  You are enough for me and I love you all!